Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mini nut returns

I am back from La Belle France, waddling from a surfeit of great food and chocolate and ready to crack on with Bentleys, but first I have a few domestic chores to conquer.

Fortunately these chores haven't got in the way of my moving my miniatures' workshop yet again!

You may remember that back in April I moved out of the spare room/my office and into the refurbished summer house.  It has taken me from April until now to decide it was a daft idea.  It seemed very logical to have a place where I could make a mess and leave it and not have to keep moving stuff off my one desk every time I switched tasks.  In this respect it was indeed fine, BUT I soon discovered the problem.  Because I didn't want to leave the dolls house in the 'shed' it meant that over the summer I walked a few hundred miles between the spare room, where Bentleys lived, and the bottom of the garden where I was working on something to go in it. This was even more challenging this summer as it often required being rescued by a husband bearing an umbrella; not to mention the difficulties presented when he delivered my tea and biccies in the rain!

Eventually I realised when I was working at my desk that I was still surrounded by miniature stuff. Bit by bit tools and kit had somehow found their way back to the house.

We rarely use the spare bedroom these days so it seemed more sensible to utilise it on a daily basis instead of preserving it for the very occasional sleep-over visitor.  We donated the posh futon to a charity and moved me and my stuff back in.  I now occupy a split personality room.

One corner is my writing and office area plus Bentleys.

The opposite corner is my new work area and the future Chocolaterie Maya. 

The white cupboard it is standing on was bought from Ikea on Sunday and is a great size for many dolls houses, being 31 x 15 1/2 inches.  It also offers loads of storage space.  At £20 I heartily recommend Epedit!  They also sell a set of castors for it, which might prove useful when I am doing the build next year.

The 'mess' you can see on the table is another of the Craftpack Company display kits that I was assembling before I went away.  I'll post pictures when I finish the other three.

Back soon....

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