Thursday, 6 September 2012

Last three craft packs

 I have finished my other three Craftpack company's kits and here they are.

The little blouse is really sweet and not too difficult to do if you turn off your dressmaking brain.  I spent ages trying to set the sleeves in the armholes properly as if I was making a real garment.  The blouse is actually cut out and constructed very much like the real thing but you have add in 1/12th skills and forget what you do in 1/1 dressmaking.  This is all about gluing and draping to make it look as realistic as possible.  I shall return to it when I decide where it is going and do some more pushing and poking to get it to lie realistically either over or in the box.

 I promise you that the long white gloves look better in real life than they do here.  I would like to have added some buttons at the wrist but I don't have any very, very teeny no-whole white beads.  I might see if I can snare some at the NEC for a few pennies to finish them off.

 Sorry this is a bit out of focus - I tried to get in too close, obviously.  It is a nice small piece of shelf dressing that will come in handy somewhere.
I thought I would show you my 1/12th suede gloves against a navy suede glove of my own to give you an idea of the scale.  Pretty impressive, hey?

....... such fun.

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