Monday, 17 September 2012

Window Displays

I have no idea why I kept putting off doing the various displays for the shop but I did.  I convinced myself I hadn't got enough, or the proper, stuff to do it.  Finally I got cheesed off looking at the box of bits and pieces sitting on my work table and thought - I'll just see how far they go towards the job.  I have pretty much finished most of the displays!

The right hand window display was assembled on my nifty removable shelf which I made a while ago and then, when everything was tacky waxed down, it was slid into the window space. 

The tacky wax may have to be replaced with glue at some stage, I hope not.  I'm not sure how robust it will be at withstanding the continual opening and closing of the front of Bentleys.

The gold painted shelf in the centre was a bit of inspiration on my part.  I bought a kitchen dresser months ago at a show and when I came to use it I realised it had a badly fitted shelf top which made it curve away from the wall. It looked dire as it had to go on the side wall where it just screamed ''wobbly'' at me every time I looked at it.  Also, it had been bought for the original, tiny, Le Tout Paris (remember that?) and was too small for Bentley's kitchen and so it got replaced by a much nicer, larger piece.  

I sawed the top from the bottom as I thought the table part of the dresser might come in handy and stuck both the pieces in a 'projects' drawer.  Mooching around for something else whilst thinking about making some display shelves for the window, I came across the dresser shelves.  I turned them upside down, painted them with gold acrylic paint and they were just what I needed.  My favourite craftpack kit just fitted the top shelf - no adjustments needed and in it went.

The handbag, pinned to the wall in this photo, was to test an idea.  At some stage I am going to make curtains to go two thirds up at the back of the window displays.  Ellen has taken her cue from Selfridge's and has removed the old wooden backboards that closed in the windows and used to be crammed with as much stuff as possible and has gone very modern in her style of window dressing.  Quite a shocker in sleepy little Erdington.  Hence her increasing success.... Back to reality?.... I thought I might hang a couple of handbags from the brass rail when it goes in place and I wanted to see if that would work visually.  

The handbag, therefore, isn't in the window because the curtain isn't there yet.  That aside, one window display is pretty nearly done.

The left window will be more of a challenge.  I am going to be draping some silks and lace for display, dressing a mannequin and making a couple of collars and stands to display them.  I may even save this window as a project to do while I am in Naples (Florida) this winter. I hate the thought of just abandoning my hobby for six months.  I can see it might be a pain to do that because I'll have to transport so much stuff to do even the simplest of jobs.  Hey ho.

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