Sunday, 16 September 2012

A little how to... a cushion

I thought I might add a little one to my 'How to make it' list.  I haven't done anything on things like the Valerie Claire and the Craftpack stuff that I just made up, as they come with instructions and are pretty straightforward.  I did think you might be interested in how I make cushions and pillows.

The printed silk cushion pieces are from another favourite supplier - Sylvia Rose.  She is the lady who made my beautiful rugs (see 8 June post).  She sent it as a freebie with another order for some pale blue cushions. They might turn up in Chocolat in the future.  I thought I would make up this one as it would be useful in the workroom for the chair (not even made yet) which will be near the desk.  Check out her site as she has beautiful rugs, curtains as well as these cushions and will make to order.

Fold over the edges on each of the two little squares.  I am too lazy to get out the iron and I find that pressing silk with my fingers does the job OK.  The back square is folded down just a fraction smaller than the front so that the seam edges are behind the cushion when it is finished, rather than right on the edge where they can be seen.  I put the smallest amount of glue possible just under the fold on the creases on the back of the cushion and press the edges down.  Trim as near as you like up to the line when it is dry.  I actually don't take a lot off as it doesn't show and silk doesn't make up too thickly.

I don't stick down the edges on the front of the cushion as I don't want any stiffness there.  I then make an envelope by sticking the back piece to the front piece along three edges.  Just be very tidy with the glue and use as little as possible but get it right on the very edge of the crease or it won't look like a stitched seam.

I (under)fill the cushion with micro polystyrene beads.  These were bought from a dollar shop in a one dollar neck pillow. You'll find the beads in soft toys and all sorts of stuff - just get the cheapest/smallest you can get your hands on.  This is a largish coffee jar full of them which will last me several life times and I have about three times more than this left in the original cushion.  I have struggled with all sorts of ways of trying to fill cushions/pillows.  I have used small teaspoons with and without tin foil funnels etc., but, as usual, the most obvious is the easiest.... wait for the glue to dry and scoop up what you need from the pot using the cushion itself!

Tuck in and glue the fourth side and Bob's your Uncle!

You have a cushion or pillow that will tuck nicely into the corners of a seat and mold pretty much to any shape you want.  For example you can sit something or someone on them and actually make a realistic 'dent' in them.  You can't do this with the normal polyester filling.

The back is just as neat and not a single stitch in sight.  That's probably because it wasn't stitched.  Thank heavens for glue.

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