Monday, 24 September 2012

My little gems

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These are the little gems I bought from Miniatura yesterday for Bentleys.  There isn't a thing here that wasn't a good deal for one reason or another.

The three wooden kits are from Model Village Miniatures.  You can only get to see these ladies at shows - they don't have any on-line presence but they will give you a catalogue of their stuff and they will make anything you want.  Their prices are excellent.  As you can see every one of these is under three pounds.  It isn't worth buying the wood and bits of hardware needed, not to mention the trouble of cutting them out accurately when someone has done all this for you for that price.  They do sell made up pieces, not just kits.  They are in excellent scale and finely made.

The thirty shelf fillers for the kitchen (I think) came from Shepherd Miniatures.  They are little bargain bags of six items in a bag for a pound.  They do wonderfully for stacking on shelves with your better stuff in front of them.

There are two fenders for the salon and workroom fireplaces and a spark screen for the salon to prevent any mishaps with customers' clothes.  I also bought a hod of coal for the bedroom I think.

The handbag and gloves are beautifully made and are real leather and I got both for four pounds fifty.  Another trader was selling the hats and parasols and dresses etc at such silly prices I couldn't resist.  The hat and matching parasol and hat stand was about three pounds and she even split those away from a dress they were made to go with as I didn't want the dress!  The parasols were one pound seventy-five each.  The detail on the little pink reticule is astonishing and again only a few pennies for this.  She really is underselling her hard work and materials.

The plain white dishes were difficult to find.  Plain white is as rare as hen's teeth.  Indeed these were the only ones in the entire show and the plates came from one trader and the cups and saucers from another.  There's some little glass dishes for desserts and a bonny little pot for storing sugar.  These usually come at a high price but  think I paid about three pounds for this one.

The rest of the things are self-explanatory, I'll leave you to enjoy them.

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