Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Knitting! sort of

No, you must not laugh... this is my first attempt at 1/12th knitting.... and probably my last.

The big holes are not dropped stitches they are created by (accidentally) knitting below the stitch.  As it is nigh on impossible see the thing, that is hardly surprising.  I was working with size 19 needles and a single embroidery thread!

I began working with what was described as a beginner's garter stitch shawl pattern - full of PSSO and YON and M1... not that any of the knitting codes phase me as I am a fairly skilled knitsmith, BUT they have to be joking as far as this stuff goes for a beginner.  I had ten attempts as I wasn't going to be beaten and then... I was beaten.  

I scrapped that and did a basic cast on, enough to look wide enough, and proceeded to knit one row and on the next row decrease one stitch at each end of the row.  I repeated these two rows until I ran out of stitches. Now that's what I call a shawl for a beginner. By guess and by God it made a small shoulder shawl of sorts.  Right scale for its size and a good scale for the fabric texture.  

I might come back to it and put a fringe on.  It will probably be OK for what I want it for, which is to hang on a hook on the back of the kitchen door as daisy's shawl for nipping back and forth to next door (home). It will only be a bit of screwed up something or other, looking vaguely like a shawl.

Just so you feel sorry for me and see how I suffer for my art, this is what my poor finger looked like by the time I had finished.  Those nasty thin number 19 needles are lethally pointy.

Pictures in Minis - Benetleys - Made by me

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Where have I been?

I cannot believe I haven't been in here since March; I had to keep checking that was so. 

Sadly it is time to pretty much leave the Bentleys blog and move on to Chocolat as the current one.  This is my third summer and Chocolat is my third project so any shared project ramblings really need to fit in that chronology.  As with Wentworth, my first summer's project (2011) I will no doubt pop in and out of here as I add bits and bobs to Bentleys to finish it off.  I still have quite a lot to do but, as I said the rest will have moved on to Chocolat and the summer of 2013.

These are things for Bentleys which I bought at Pudsey on the 13th April

You will have to scramble over to Chocolat and even My Quarter Life to see the rest of my purchases but this  little  shadow box will probably be stripped out and the contents used in the shop.  I hope to redo the box in another way.  Right now I am considering collecting foody/kitchen things and hanging it in my kitchen.  Not sure but there is no rush and for now I am just enjoying it perched on my work table.  This was the first of my Children in Need Purchase for the princely sum of a fiver - what a bargain.