Thursday, 6 December 2012

What an idiot!

I am so cross with myself ... why can't I leave well alone?

I have just been looking through the posts in Bentley and am horrified to see how many photos are missing thanks to my recent recent computer re-organisation.  In fact almost all of them.  Huge apologies to you.  I will be working at restoring them (one by one) for however long it takes.  I think that may be some time.  When I started to think about it today I realised it is exceedingly difficult to remember the photo that should be there.  The accompanying text doesn't always give enough clues as, of course, it was depending on the photo to do half the job.  Ill start from where we are and work backwards and I will announce when the job is completed but, as I said, it may well be a while.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Bit dainty for the chaps?

I have been fussing around with finding a sofa for the shop that I like and which goes with the rest of the place.  I spotted this on EBay and got it for less than half of what two of them are currently selling for, so well-timed.

It is very dainty and the wicker work is very fine and I am thrilled.  I can't wait to get it home at Christmas and put it in Bentleys.

This is the place to park the chap who would be paying for your purchases back in 1911.