The parlour is just big enough for Ellen's life above the shop.  It is quite modern in the fairly recent 'greenery/yallery' colours that were popular in the Arts and Crafts period.  The carpet is a good example of the sort of style Ellen likes.

There are two fairly substantial cases either side of the fireplace.  The one nearest the window houses her collection of French silver.  She loves finding a new piece in one her of her favourite brocantes when she visits Paris. The other is a bookcase which houses her collection of really lovely books.  Many of which are first editions.  She is an avid reader so these are treasured not just collected.

The fireplace itself is a very nice Art Nouveau style and is a good fit for this small room.

The table at the back of the room is where proper meals are taken.  Daisy pulls it away from the wall and it is laid up properly with linen and glass.  It is very comfortable for two people - mostly Ellen and Molly.  She has had four people for lunch and they managed very well by binging the table into the centre of the room and using the two small armchairs as well as the very fine fiddle back dining chairs.  For any special occasion demanding something more formal or larger Ellen will entertain at Summerlee House.

It is Wednesday 11th October 1911, 6 pm. Daisy can be seen making sure the fires are all lit and going OK.  Ellen is very extravagant and likes a fire in all the rooms in the evening, including the bedroom and it is generally the last job Daisy does before she goes home.  Ellen also doesn't like Daisy to tidy away her flute and music and any book she is reading, she likes to find them as she left them.  Daisy often curses Ellen's collection of French silver when it all needs polishing. 

The shop and the apartment is a large place for one maid-of-all-work but at least she isn't having to pick up after a family and Ellen is a good employer.  She is happy for Ellen to arrange her own days as long as everything gets done and when there is any extra work needing doing such as a big Spring clean Ellen is happy to pay one of Daisy's younger sisters (Violet) a few pence to help out.  The Bentley and the Dallow families have always rubbed along together happily.

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