The Workroom

Ellen is very extravagant and has Daisy light a fire in every room.  There is even a fire made up in the workroom most evenings because Ellen always seems to put in an hour or so in here - taking care of paperwork at her desk or working on her designs.  This room was always a sewing room above the drapers, so it was easy for Ellen to just keep it as an occasional workroom for herself and Molly.

Ellen makes her own creations here to display in her window each month.  Even more ambitious, she and Molly are working on the idea of a complete collection to show in the Spring.  It is being inspired by the new cruise liner, the Titanic.  She wants to break away from copying Worth et al and offer 'modes' of her own.  She doesn't have ambitions for an haute couture fashion house but, instead, she can see the potential for her styles to be 'mass produced' to cater for the rising middle classes.  

The room is very tidy and well organised - a place for everything and everything in its place - is a mantra Ellen lives by.

It is Wednesday 11th October 1911, 6 pm. Ellen is at her desk.  She has left Mrs Singer in Molly's capable hands and is going over her accounts.  She is debating whether to remind Mrs Singer that she hasn't paid last month's account..... probably better if she just sends a note when the dress is delivered tomorrow morning.

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