Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sixty Years of Lino

If you are looking for lino (from 1910 to 1970) check out this site: Retro Miniatures

It is a new kid on the block - born today! and is absolutely fabulous. There are masses of choices and printed on brilliant material - looks just like lino - you can have gloss or matt finish and is really affordable. She also offers - Lino rugs!!! and fuzzy rugs and even Wall Lino - yes, trust me, it was a big deal once.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Pick up from Miniatura?

Are you going to Miniatura?  
Do you want this shop?  
I can meet you there with it so you don't have to pick it up from Bury.


You can turn this into any shop you want - the name comes off easily.  It is fully lit and decorated with 2 quality lit fireplaces and wiring and bulbs in place for two other fires.  This photo shows counters in place - they are not offered with the shop but ask if you are interested in buying them - they would be £50.  The cost of the initial house and the materials used to complete it is well over five hundred pounds, so you save all that and the hours needed top make it.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Photo albums

I have 58 web albums out there and have just discovered today that the link I have been happily posting here there and everywhere does not take you to them!  Apparently the (not-so) wonderful Picasa web albums doesn't have a single link to 'all albums' which you can pass out to folk - only a single link to each album.  Aaaaarrrggh!  This meant I have to sort out 58 albums between 11 blogs - and, believe me, it is a laborious process.  I have made a start and some blogs, like this one, are sorted.  

The irony is that when you get to a single album all you have to do to access all of them is click on the heading which says 'Marilyn Ormson's Gallery'.

Monday, 2 September 2013


I am selling off my stash.  The first forty items from about two hundred are up and ready to go.  Click here Lilliput Minis.  There is a link in the right hand column for it too.