Ellen's bedroom will undergo a redo next Spring.  She has a brass bed which needs putting together and painting and she is on the look out for more appropriate furniture - some nice Arts and Crafts would fit the bill.  She has painted the fireplace and is pleased with that and likes the light fresh wallpaper and rug but pretty much everything else needs changing.

Albert's binoculars are on the chest.  She has a few of his belongings to remember him by.  These were the binoculars she bought him when he went to war as the ones issued by the army were very inferior.  She sometimes sits there on Sunday and watches birds (and people!) going by. She seems to have left her knitting there too.  October already and still only the back of her cardigan half done.  

There is a picture of Albert on her chest of drawers   It used to be in the parlour but has been brought here recently as she finds her thoughts seem to be turning towards John Dallow and she isn't sure how she feels about the 'rightness' of that, but it seemed time, after twelve years,  to (almost) put Albert's picture away.

There is still a wash stand in her bedroom at the apartment.  When she refurbished the shop she had gas throughout the building even adding gas lights in her bedroom.   She gave a lot of thought to having a gas boiler installed and a proper bathroom put in, but she and Edward agreed that in a few years time she should be considering larger premises.  It was unlikely that anyone buying the shop would have any interest in it having a bathroom and hot water on tap.  She manages very well as it is and goes to Summerlee House most weekends and uses the lovely modern bathroom there.

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