Sunday, 14 April 2013

Where have I been?

I cannot believe I haven't been in here since March; I had to keep checking that was so. 

Sadly it is time to pretty much leave the Bentleys blog and move on to Chocolat as the current one.  This is my third summer and Chocolat is my third project so any shared project ramblings really need to fit in that chronology.  As with Wentworth, my first summer's project (2011) I will no doubt pop in and out of here as I add bits and bobs to Bentleys to finish it off.  I still have quite a lot to do but, as I said the rest will have moved on to Chocolat and the summer of 2013.

These are things for Bentleys which I bought at Pudsey on the 13th April

You will have to scramble over to Chocolat and even My Quarter Life to see the rest of my purchases but this  little  shadow box will probably be stripped out and the contents used in the shop.  I hope to redo the box in another way.  Right now I am considering collecting foody/kitchen things and hanging it in my kitchen.  Not sure but there is no rush and for now I am just enjoying it perched on my work table.  This was the first of my Children in Need Purchase for the princely sum of a fiver - what a bargain.


  1. I was at the Edinburgh fair - shame you couldn't make it. There's another one in November though.

    You got some great finds and I especially like your plates. A great bargain at £2 and there's lots of lovely useful things in your little cabinet if you do decide to strip it.

    1. I shall keep an eye out for your next post in case you talk about the Edinburgh show - is it big? small? good? I was sad to have missed a new to me one. Hey ho. I may be back in Naples in November so won't catch the later one.

  2. Hi Em, just a word to you while you're wearing your reporter's hat to say how much I enjoyed reading both your articles in the DHMS - fascinating for those of us on this side of the pond to get a flavour of the US scene - good pictures too! Those antimacassars are great - there was a time when no self-respecting 3-piece suite was seen without a set of them.

  3. Thank you. I am pretty much in every month until early 2014 so keep looking out for me. Should be writing a piece on Pudsey now, instead of doing this! It all gets done and about a month ahead of schedule in my case - OCD or what! I am chuffed people read this blog stuff as I can neither afford to buy outstanding stuff nor am talented enough to create wonderful things, so always think it must be dead boring. It started (like my Clavering) as record keeping for me but I discovered I like the sharing bit too.