Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dolls House and Miniature Scene... and me!

Now the Wentworth series has finished I thought I might let you know when the stuff I have written/am writing will appear in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine.  None of these dates are cast in stone of course.  If you click on any names mentioned it should take you to more information.

I hope this list is useful in case there is one particular one you are interested in and you don't already subscribe to the magazine.  You can buy a single copy direct from DH&MS if you don't have a dolls house shop/bookstore to order from.  

That said, here comes some bald promotion for the magazine on my part:  I spoke to a couple of people at the Orlando show who are totally in love with the iPad version.  It means you get to carry loads of magazines around for quick reference (or a slow read) and are able to really zoom in on the details you want to look at.  It does mean you miss out on any freebies which get included with the magazine now and then, but you can still print out any free printies or patterns so you don't lose out on those.  Obviously you can also have a download to your computer and there's no postage to pay which is great for my American chums.

Smallsea Museum, Carmel

California Dreamin'

May (?) issue 
on sale o/a 21 March

Minuette Dollhouse Miniatures

Sarasota Show Review

May issue 
on sale o/a 21 March 

Quarter scale kitchen by Grandgirl Miniatures

Orlando Show Review

June issue 
on sale o/a 18 April

Quarter Source

The Quarter Source  
(Karen Benson)

August issue 
on sale o/a 20 June

Pick your own from Clara's Cuties

Clara's Cuties 
(Clara Lauderdale)

September issue 
on sale 25 July

JMG Engraving LLC

JMG Engraving LLC  
(Jon Gower)

October issue 
on sale 22 August

I cannot believe I don't have a single photo of John's work.  I know I couldn't get near his table during the show - there was such a level of interest in his stuff.  I have stolen this from his website.  Thank you Jon.  I think it is quarter scale.

Oen's Refuge

The Enchanted Woodland Faery Dollhouse Company  
(Melissa Chaple)

November issue 
on sale o/a 19 September


(under discussion) 
maybe good to start it in Lent 2014?  

All I have to do is actually build it and dress it during the summer at home.

Not the world's most exciting picture.... if only you could see the ones that reside in my head.

Under construction

Jeremy Paul Precision Replicas
(Jeremy Paul)

December 2013

on sale o/a 24 October

French Salon (Quarter scale)

Petworth Miniatures 
(Gayle Baillargeon)

February 2014 
on sale 19 December

I have a zillion more ideas bubbling under.............

[The o/a dates shown here are because I am not sure of them.  If it doesn't have o/a it means that Lucie gave me the on sale date, so I know those are correct]

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