Saturday, 29 September 2012

Shopping tip

I might have mentioned this in passing but certainly haven't shown you a picture (or four!) of it.  When I go on a serious shopping trip for miniatures I take this with me.  It is one of those very cheap (dollar shop) - that also makes it very light - photo albums.  It is about 6 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches (12cms x 16 cms).

Front and back covers show the before and after.  This is the 'after' just in case you are confused.  I had an amusing moment at Miniatura last Sunday.  I was standing in front of the Barbara's Mouldings stand coveting the new French looking one (Everdene?)  and I was talking to the son of the chap who makes them.  He spotted this and asked if he could show a lady who was considering a Lyddington.  He said "This lady has done the Lyddington.  Here it is all finished with bricks and slates".  I waited for the oohs and ahhs - there was a slight pause and she said (to me) "I like it better just painted".  That put me in my place!

First page of the book is my shopping list.  I just updated it today ready to go.  A list does me very little good as I tend to buy very little off it and I buy a heck of a lot of other stuff.  It is the comfort of knowing it is there if I want it I suppose.  Frees up the remembering-what-I-came-for area of my brain for other things.

Here's the really useful part.  I have a picture, preferably the latest, of each room and on the opposite page I have paint and paper samples.  I painted a post card with the actual paints I used in the house and stuck on any paper samples for the room.  I really did use this twice last weekend as I bought fabric for the bedroom and the parlour curtains.  I don't know how you do this if you don't take samples of stuff with you.  I 'carry' colours well but can't always get it right just by guessing.  This is so much easier.

I also try to keep up to date with any dressed pieces I have in case I want to add to them or even change them in some way because I've found something I've just got have.  I bet you know that feeling.  I spent ages at one stand looking at the most wonderful fountain pen for nine pounds.  You can imagine how tiny this was and how it would be lost on Ellen's desk at the back of the workroom.   I so much wanted it but knew it so daft at this stage of the game.  That said, I hope I see it again because I will buy it next time.  I shall talk myself up into a frivolous treat and I'll stomp on the guilt and enjoy it.

Any way, philosophy aside, I commend this photo-book method of shopping to you if you take lots of photos as you work.

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