Saturday, 29 September 2012

Some more dressed pieces

After my Miniatura shopping expedition I have managed to add bits and pieces all through Bentleys and have finished dressing (for now!) three pieces of furniture .

The shelf over the sink is in place and has cooking sort of stuff on it.  There are three enamel tins for roasting and a pie maybe.  It is a useful place to keep the mincer - they are always too big to go in a drawer without being a nuisance.  The frying pan lives there along with a grater and colander so they are handy when needed.  The jug has various spoons and forks and other cooking implements. There are a couple of spare hooks waiting for the tea towels.  Sadly the broom and the carpet beater get lost up the corner but that's where they would live, so that's where they'll stay.  Daisy has washed the oven racks as she hasn't needed to use the oven today.  They are draining in the sink because they are a bit big for the draining board.  All she has to do is remember to put them back before she leaves.

The dresser has been re-dressed.  I think this will happen a few more times yet.  I've added two jugs since taking this photo yesterday!

The top shelf has four glass dishes for cold puddings.  There is a basic white set of dishes for four people.  These are for Ellen, Daisy and sometimes, Molly's meals. Daisy doesn't cook very much.  Living near her own home her mother tends to do any meals the girls might need and Daisy just nips home to pick them up, warms them up and dishes them out.  This means a few more pennies for the Dallow household and less work for Daisy.  Ellen is happy with the arrangement because she doesn't really want the smell of dinners wafting through the shop and salon.

The next shelf has a fine tea-for-two set in case Ellen has an important visitor.  There is also a useful large jug and a silver tea caddy.

The bread bin stands by the biscuit tin (also silver) and a silver tea service.  An oil lamp and a box of matches are at the ready for trips outside in the dark or upstairs instead of using a candle.  There is a candle box on the side of the dresser as candle sticks are dotted around the house upstairs to save lighting the gas when it isn't needed.  

The bottom shelves have a cake tin for a large cake - a must for any afternoon visitor's cup of tea or glass of sherry.  There is a  toast rack, which Ellen does like to have her toast in at breakfast .  There are large containers of tea and coffee and sugar ready to refill anything needed for drinks.  The bottom shelves are a place to store large things like a stone jug, a glass jug, a casserole and a bowl.  These are all useful occasionally.

This is the bottom half of the food storage area.  I am in the process of making the shelves to go above this cupboard.  As I said there isn't a lot of meal making done here but they do like to have the basics.  Today there are vegetables.  Tomorrow is Thursday - half day closing - and it is the day that Daisy's mom does Ellen's laundry along with her normal bits and bobs for her own family.  She and Daisy reverse the meal process on Thursday and Daisy cooks a hearty stew for everyone.  The box has King Edward potatoes, carrots, parsnips and cabbage.  I have forgotten the onions (!) I hope Mrs Dallow has got some.  The shin of beef is outside on the landing in the meat safe which is where the potted meat should go.  No doubt Daisy will put it back as she leaves. The eggs are fine on the marble top of this cupboard in a cool terracotta bowl ready for breakfast.  Also on top is a fly swatter and a beaded jug cover waiting for me to buy a milk jug.  The saucepans had to go in here as they were too heavy for the shelf by the cooker.  A mixing bowl and rolling pin and a lemon squeezer complete the area.  As I said, the tinned, bottled, packet food will live on the shelves above when they are made.  

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