Saturday, 15 September 2012

Valerie Claire Miniatures

I've just finished making some things  from another of my favourite suppliers - Valerie Claire Miniatures that you might like to see.

You will need to click on this image to actually see what's going on here.  I was keen to show you how teeny these items are.  The printed card has nine cards for silk ribbons.  It is a simple case of cutting out the cards and wrapping round some very narrow silk ribbon.  I only had eight colours so you'll see a repeat of the green.  They look terrific - very realistic and in excellent scale as is all her stuff.

I am in the throws of making four of her teeny handbags. She sells the findings and you sort out the fabric.  I'll share them with you when I've completed all four of them. This photo was to show you the difficult bit - opening the jump ring and fastening it through the handle and the bag clasp.  Do-able though and I think they will look lovely.  They might be hanging in my window displays somewhere.  I haven't decided yet.

As I said this is someone who's stuff I heartily recommend.  I originally bought from her at a show somewhere but have since ordered on line without any hitches.  She makes some really original things.  Check her out especially if you are working on a shop or anything Victorian/Edwardian.  That said there are other gems there too.

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