Thursday, 16 August 2012

Three done

Here are the first three of the display kits I bought from The Craft Pack Company.  

I intended this one to go in the window, but I have decided that I hadn't considered the colours carefully enough when I chose it. It is a very pretty pink and will look lovely on one of the shelves inside the shop, but I am trying to colour co-ordinate the window dressing colours (peacock colours) and this is too gentle for the stuff alongside it.  I might therefore have to remove the back and re-jig that in some way as it is a bit too tall to fit inside a shelf space.  Lorraine has something like 500 kits, so she can't possibly give sizes for them.  You need to think about what you want to do with them and be a bit flexible when making them up so you can adapt them to suit your needs.

This is my favourite one so far and will make a lovely centre piece for one of my windows.  I think the gloves are especially lovely.  As always with dollhousing you are working with small pieces but that's the fun of it.  Take care not to snip off a finger.  Trying to glue on the teeny 'diamanté jewel' at the end of the fan handle was a bit of a challenge but doable with patience and tweezers.  There are extra fans in the kit, so you can choose the two you like best.

This is the 'plainest' of the ones I have chosen but is still a very nice little shelf or window filler.  Again it is an ideal size for my window displays .  It probably doesn't show here but I mounted the top label on double sided foam tape so it isn't stuck flat down on the back card which gives it a bit more interest.

'Sadly' I am being made to go to France for a week and eat chocolate and good food and sit in the sun, so I will have to abandon making little things (and this blog) for a while.  

Au revoir.

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