Thursday, 9 August 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Just so you don't think I have given up I thought I'd share today's delivery from The Craft pack Company with you.  Remember if you click on a picture it will enlarge it.  If you want a better look you'd have to do that this time as this photo isn't in a web album.

As you can probably see there are six little kits to make shop displays - all for twenty-seven pounds including postage.  I decided it was actually cheaper to do it this way.  I wanted to make a glove display for the window and needed six different coloured leathers/fabrics just for the gloves.  Some of the leathers were six pounds each, so just doing that display would have cost the price of all these displays.  

Another example is the little blouse.  I would have to buy more fabric and lace than I need; even the buttons and buckle (plus postage) are expensive and you end up with more than you want again.  It seems to make much more sense to buy from someone who makes lovely little kits and has split up all the quantities in just the right amounts ready for you to use.

I have made a start on the displays in the two shop rooms and the shop windows and will post some musings and pictures when I have got a little further along with it.  Meanwhile the sun shines and the garden calls.  Maybe tomorrow.......

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