Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday and we are glued

...  and another scary step is done.  The main carcass is all glued together.  

spent a while trying to be sure which way the stair landings went in.  Initially I was misled by having painted the floor as though it was the ceiling!  Honestly even with endlessly labelling everything as I go it seems I still don't get it right.  I suspect the landings were in the wrong way round in the dry build as I didn't fuss so much about that.  At this stage I placed the stairs in and they seem to work OK.  The roof is only put on, not glued on; I thought it might help to keep things all squared up while it dries.  Now all I have to do is not fiddle with it until after 4 pm tomorrow.  The glue itself was a bit of a concern as it seemed very patchy in the flow - like it wasn't mixed up properly.  I just hope that isn't the case or, if it is, that it doesn't matter.

This is the back view.  The edges need painting; they all will.  When I was painting I decided to leave all the edges so I didn't have to work out what was being glued or what colour each edge needed to be.  I assume it won't be hellish to go round touching those in further down the line.  It doesn't look so patchy in the vertical.  Tomorrow it will have a home in the sitting room.  I have resisted that all along so far, but have finally weakened.  It really will be a pain to have to move a house out of the spare room when anyone stays and there is no way they can both stay in there with visiting humans.  The prospect of lugging a heavy house from one room to another and back again is grim.  Even more irritating would be the endless dressing and redressing of all the bits and pieces which will fall around every time it is moved. So this one will be in the sitting room announcing my obsession to all and sundry.

The logistics of the ongoing build are a bit untidy.  I need to keep the house indoors away from damp and extreme temperature changes, but I also need to be doing things like painting, decorating, fitting trims and doors etc.  All this sounds like a lot of trotting back and forth between my spanking new workroom at the end of the garden and the carcass in the house.  I suspect there are going to be many more times when it will be squatting on my work surface in the kitchen challenging me to see to it or bake a cake!

[I posted this and then had to retrieve it as I realised I hadn't said thank you to Ken for being my other pair of hands and (quite often) for being totally my brain.] 

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