Monday, 16 April 2012

... and so the build begins....

This is one terrifying flat pack Lyddington.  Looks nice and controlled here; not so when you take the shrink wrap off.  There are a zillion bits all clammering for attention.  You will meet them all, no doubt,  as I pootle along.

How did that nice little pack become this?

Here's the carcass up and running courtesy of some masking tape.  You might notice that the build is being done in the kitchen (again!) and not in the new workroom.  I chickened out and decided that it might be best to keep all the pieces indoors.  I am concerned that a cool and possibly damp area isn't a great place to keep MDF and expect it to stay in shape.  If anyone has built MDF stuff in a shed and then kept it in a house afterwards without any problems PLEASE let me know so I can get it all back out there.  The plan now is to do work on individual pieces outside and bring them in each day!!

I then labelled each surface to identify it.  It sounds daft and probably is if you can keep three dimensional images in your head when working on something; I really don't do well at that!  As soon as each piece becomes a single flat piece I have to really think about where it goes, which way up and what it might need to finish it correctly.

This is the back wall with all its little labels - see I forgot one!  Now you may be saying this is potty because you have to take them all off to size the MDF before building.  Correct!

Worry not I have a cunning plan....

I transcribed all the notes onto the parts sheet which came with the kit.  Had there not been diagrams of all the parts I would have just taken a photo of each piece on my iPad and referred back to that if and when necessary.

This is another big worry - I haven't a clue how to go about making the stairs and putting them in place.  I have four (half) sets of stairs which need spindles and rails and newels.   I plan on painting all the bits and then gluing them together to make something which looks like a staircase; preferably one which doesn't look as if it was built by a navvy on a drunken binge.  Even if that is a success, how the heck do you then manage to get those dainty, wibbly-wobbly pieces glued to the strange cut outs in the house and then add in the other bits of rail needed to complete a dog-leg staircase.  I just don't know.  The song I keep singing in my head is that others do it all the time so it must be possible.  I'm not convinced. Help and tips please????? 

So until I actually make a decision on what to size the MDF with that's it for now.

I spent an pleasant hour or so picking wallpaper and paint for every room and have that comfortably settled.  I have also chosen the colours for the mortar to go under the versi-bricks, paint to go under versi-slates and paint for the exterior woodwork.  You might know I have also created a problem for myself with these choices too.  I want to use Farrow and Ball colours.  I like the paint, the choice of finishes and their colours BUT I don't want to buy Farrow and Ball tins of paint as they are very expensive.  Like most manufacturers their sample pots (£3.95 each!) only come in one finish which is OK for some things but not all.  I have emailed to ask if they would sell me small pots of a range of heir products.  I don't really expect a yes, so then it will be back to the drawing board for me.  Yet another delay.

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