Monday, 16 April 2012

Change of Name

I am sorry to have changed the name of the Blog and I hope it doesn't drive anyone too crackers trying to find me. There's a couple of reasons.

The first is an 'emotional' one.  Since last September when I bought the Honeychurch shop, I have lived with its image in my head and it soon got conjured up into Le Tout Paris.  The two things seem to be bound together - the Honeychurch is Le Tout Paris.  Having just sold it, it feels as though Le Tout Paris has gone with it.  The idea of a fancy, 'Frenchified' dress shop seemed more suited to its pretty face than it does to the Lyddington.  This new shop seems to squat there, smugly full of English robustness.  It is a double-fronted Georgian shop which has evolved through time into a solid respectable Edwardian business.

The second reason is a pedantic one.  The more reading and research I have done about Edwardian drapers, milliners and dress shops in small towns the more I have come to realise that it would be very unlikely for anyone to call their shop anything 'fancy'.  Shops were generally known by the owner's name.  So, Le Tout Paris becomes Bentley's.

It would be daft for me to continue chattering about it in a Blog called Le Tout Paris!

As far as I can tell I have thirty people on an email list who I notify every time I add a post to the blog.  If you'd like to be added to this list just send me your email address.  I have some readers using an RSS feed so they know when something new appears, but it is probable that I have many more of my readers just stopping by now and again using the Blog address.  These are the people who might lose me now I've changed the name.  I was able to do a bit of fiddling about and I kept Le Tout Paris address and I have put a link to this new place.  They should find their way from there.  I hope no-one falls by the wayside thanks to my whimsical notions. 

With apologies...


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