Saturday, 28 April 2012

Never trust a painter

True to form the decorator (aka me!) spent more time messing about than painting today.

Honestly I wasn't playing with stuff.  I thought if I put in the few bits and bobs I have, along with the imaginary ones, I might have a better idea of what I want.

This proved really useful and convinced me to have chimney breasts in the sitting room and two bedrooms to add some interest and to make the fireplaces more realistic.  The shop and salon wouldn't (necessarily) have had fireplaces and the kitchen has had its chimney breast knocked out when the range was removed in favour of the gas stove.  Very few people would countenance having gas fires or gas lights in their bedroom.  They had a bad reputation (at that time) for making people ill and even killing them.  This was actually true as carbon monoxide poisoning and the importance of ventilation wasn't properly understood and fires weren't vented properly. Ellen also kept the sitting room one because she liked a 'proper fire'. 

It also gave me a bit of a new idea for the kitchen.  I will be using the lincrusta (intended for the staircase) for the lower half of the walls, painted green.  It was very popular as a cleanable surface.  The lower back wall behind the cooker and sink will be tiled.  All this will be topped with a dado rail and the upper walls will be a creamy colour (maybe with a border).

I also did a second coat in the shop and salon, first coated the workroom, painted the frieze in the sitting room and painted the upper walls in the kitchen; so not too shabby for a late start.

PS:  Got a parcel I have been waiting for for ages.  If you want to see the contents have a look at the last seven pictures in the Bentleys Purchases photo album.

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