Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New toy

I keep meaning to show you my new (ish) toy.  It is an 80 piece rotary tool set I bought in the States for $10.  Seriously.  I haven't a clue what to do with any of the bits and bobs in it and the book isn't a great help.  I've trawled the web for Dremel/Rotary tool kit information but I haven't come up with a comprehensive - this tool does this - type article/video.  Meanwhile for ten dollars what the heck I'll get some use out of it.  The first planned job is drilling holes through the ceilings for the lights.  This shop kit has grooves pre-cut but they haven't put a hole through.  I presume this is so you can decide precisely where you'd like your light.  That, of course, leaves people like me making a thousand decisions and none of them actually being carried out.  I dithered about with a few bits of furniture before gluing the floors in place but still couldn't come to any conclusions.  I hope this toy is the answer.  I can actually get the thing vertically in the space available after the build and make a hole when I know what I want.....  if I ever do know what I want.  I have actually bought two lights for the attic rooms and now think they look too big in situ.  I have to come to a decision about those pretty soon as they will need grooves in the roof and they definitely need doing before the roof is stuck down and the tiles go on!  Tomorrow is another day...........

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