Monday, 16 April 2012

Procrastination is the thief of time...

This is a quote you shouldn't look up the rest of (like I just did) It is too depressing.  It does however describe where I am and what I am doing.  I spent six long months exiled from my Le Tout Paris project and arrived home bursting with ideas and enthusiasm.  I then talked myself out of the Honeychurch and into the Lyddington on the basis of refurbishing seemed like too much work and my half a year's accumulated ideas were bigger than the premises allowed.  So there was a brief pause waiting for the Lyddington to arrive.  It has now been with me twelve days and all I have done so far is a dry build of the basic carcass.  Even this has been dismantled awaiting painting and gluing back together.  

Each day I find another excuse not to start.  I truly haven't given up on it I just feel overwhelmed by the prospect at this stage.  Ken keeps reminding me I have done it once before so it can't be beyond me; but the first one was done in a state of innocence.  It was a very simple, externally finished, click it together Dolls House Emporium kit and I had no greater ambition than getting it to stand up and be stuck together in all the right places.  This time I want it to be more like a miniature than a dolls house and I keep finding one stumbling block after another.

Here's my 'progress' so far.

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