Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Room of One's Own

My little hut is all newly painted (not that it really needed it).  Big thanks to my other half who did more than his fair share.  The floor looks a bit strange because I couldn't wait for the paint to dry to take the photo! I have a friend visiting tomorrow but I am so mad keen to move into my new workroom I hope to be up early enough to do it before she arrives.

I wrote that on the 10th and never actually managed to do that but by the 12th I was home and dry.

Unfortunately it is too far from the house to get wi-fi connection.  We are changing providers next month, so I live in hopes.  Meanwhile I have a brilliant Ikea corner table which gives me masses of room.  Two little metal sets of drawers (their cheapest at £24 each) and two sets of their cheapest shelves (£12??).  Right now I have more space and storage than I need.  I suspect that might change as I bowl along.

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