Friday, 27 April 2012

The decorators have arrived

By 4 pm on Tuesday it was all glued so I was very restrained and left it alone for the requisite 24hours.  By 4 pm on Wednesday I thought it was too late to start on the painting!  

Thursday we had visitors so it became Friday and the 27th.  Most of the day was taken up with thinking (procrastinating!) which is incredibly hard to photograph.  Every time I thought I would set off and do some painting I found a problem which needed sorting first - where would the frieze be in this room?  How high would the picture rail be?  Is there a cupboard being put in there?  How tall are the shop shelves I haven't bought yet?  Will I be able to get coving above them?  Do I want coving above them?  You get the gist.  

Eventually I just decided to crack on with painting the shop.  This meant I also had to paint the stairwell.  You can't imagine how many incarnations this stairwell has had in terms of coving, picture rail, dado, painted lincrusta (anaglypta to those of us born after the Edwardian period), and assorted borders and where they should go.  I took the line of least resistance and just painted the lot! 

 Never mind I could just get on with papering the salon as I knew that just needed paper and no faffing around with trims and borders. Hah!  Am I putting a fire/chimney breast in the salon?  OK, I can paper two walls!  The arch has disappeared temporarily.  I'm not looking forward to cutting that out tomorrow.

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