Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Two more to add to the collection

These are probably the last two bits I shall buy before returning to the UK for Christmas.  I do have something else in the post on its way to me here which has been hatching since last August but you'll have to visit Wentworth Court to see those when they arrive.  I also have a birthday gift from my sister and brother-in-law on the way to me in the UK and they are for LTP.  I'll tell you about them when I have them.

The vase is much thinner and prettier than it appears here and a bargain.  Someone on E-Bay sells very beautiful wood and equally lovely resin turnings, but they start at $9.99 upwards so....   you must get fed up of hearing me say ''too pricey for me'' - so just take it as read if I like something and don't get it that it must be etc.  This one, and only this one ever, came up at 99 cents.  I do wonder if it was just mis-priced?  I ordered it and here it is.  

The desk wasn't a bargain and is a bit roughly finished and too shiny for my liking - I might give it a rub down with wire wool now I've discovered its magical properties.  I bought it because it should fit the space properly and offers nice opportunities for dressing it with papers etc as there are several layers to it.  Basically it will look much better when I've had a go at it.

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