Monday, 21 November 2011

The House of Miniatures fourth and final part ... to be continued

I went out today to buy wood glue and some sort of finishing product to complete the build BUT I've decided to take the bits home and finish it there (and the others yet to be built here).  To explain to those who haven't a clue what 'here' and 'there' might mean I'd better explain.  

I am English and live in the UK from April through September and then spend the other half of the year (October through March) hiding from the winter here in Florida.  My two doll's houses and loads of stuff for them are, of course, in the UK.  The first motivation for making these House of Miniatures pieces of furniture was to be frugal.  This isn't working out all that well:  I bought them at a good price from E-Bay and then I spent an arm and a leg on tools and products to complete them because everything I need is 'at home'.  

When I was standing, as always,  perplexed by 'foreign' products in Lowes and considering which finish to buy I finally absorbed that they ranged in price from $6 to $10.  I decided it was totally daft; I know I have a satin finish varnish that I am happy with back home, so the lowboy can just wait until I get back.  We have a short break in the UK over Christmas.  If I get a chance (visitors' and Christmas permitting) I'll finish it off and write up the last episode for you when I get back in the New year.  As I said it is a cost issue but it is also such a waste - so much stuff gets left here when I get home (and the other way round) because I don't want to be carting paint and glue and varnish and tools back and forth with me; it does make more sense to divide the work somehow, rather than keep duplicating and wasting stuff.  This peripatetic life does have its drawbacks. 

PS: as for my not having a clue what yellow wood glue is my husband looked at me as if I were certifiable and immediately produced the bottle we already have!  So I can continue to build and stain and seal and glaze to my little heart's content with no additional expense.


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