Sunday, 6 November 2011

Instructions for doing and making

I follow some wonderful doll's house blogs and am awed and often inspired by the lovely things I see.  Occasionally someone also explains how they did something which is hugely useful for a beginner like me.  Very, very rarely do they go back to absolute basics.  It is assumed that anyone messing around with doll's houses has some basic crafting experience at least. There must be others out there who have never tackled this sort of stuff before and find themselves frustrated by not knowing what sort of things to buy for the job you want to do and even more frustrated when you come to tackle it as you haven't really got a clue how to go about it.  I know there's a ton of stuff on the web which helps but, again, it often assumes all kinds of tools and expertise.  I thought it might be useful to have a one-stop place to follow a first-timer tackling all sorts of stuff to do with completing a doll's house project.

I've done the first instruction sheet to show me making teeny cardboard boxes for my shop.  I don't have fancy kit like magnifying lenses and daylight lights and goodness knows what else.  I have a dollar shop chopping mat (kitchen type) dollar shop small scissors (more expensive would be better!) and Tacky Glue and toothpicks and a $1.99 gizmo I don't even know what it is.  Any one out there who does - please tell me so I can christen it.

I can't figure out a way of listing the titles so you can just click on them to find them easily.  I'm going to add a page at the top and I'll list the sheets with their names and the dates where you can find them in the archives.  You can also do a labels search for Making.

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