Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More Goodies

 This is an unusual set of decorative plates perfectly in scale, made in copper and imprinted with a different animal on each plate.  They were made in Italy. I have no idea why I was the only person to bid on these but it meant I snaffled a bargain. I can just see them in my greenery-yallery (1912 expression!) kitchen on a decorative plate shelf maybe above the window?  Another thing to check out for historical correctness.  Picky, picky!

The pair of trios are a lovely birthday surprise from my brilliant other half.  I had seen them a while back on EBay and suggested he might like to buy them for me for my birthday (I give him endless suggestions of what I might want for weeks!).  Then I totally forgot all about it.  I had loads of other treats for my birthday and  the following day these arrived. He'd expected them to arrive days before the big day so was relieved when postie duly turned up with my teeny package. They are much finer and tinier than they look in my rubbishy photo.

This is an even more rubbishy photo; it is out of focus. If I weren't so lazy or it wasn't so late at night  I'd retake it.  As it is, this is a much better collection for a couple of dollars than it looks.  They are nicely made in pewter and can stay as they are or be painted.  I have searched high and low for a coffee pot, milk jug and sugar basin for Ellen's cold supper but, as always, I can't afford the ones I like and the ones I can afford are too clunky and always out of scale.  I was really pleased to find these and even more pleased to get them at the bottom bid price.  As there's no sugar basin Ellen will have to not take sugar with her French-style coffee - how very chic!

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