Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Quilling or something like.

I wanted a dish/pot for the eggs on the food dresser as the dish they were in took up too much room.  I suddenly had this brain wave.

I had some floor paper which I had rejected early in Wentworth's life which I cut into strips using my cutting mat to mark the pieces as I went along -  no fussy measuring and marking.  I glued a few together and wound them round into a tight circle.  Think of liquorice wheels.  You need it to be as wide as the size of the top of the pot that you want to make.  I think this one was just over half an inch.  Stick down the last bit of the strip and wait for it to hold.  Then I stuck the end of a medium wide felt tip pen on it to hold the bottom down and then gently pulled up the sides until I got the shape and size I wanted.  If you are careful you can shove it all back down again and keep going until you get it how you want it.

I ended up with this.  (Sorry about the photo)  I then mixed some water with the usual every day Aleene's glue that seems to do just about everything.  There was no particular ratio of water to glue; basically I just added enough from my brush to make the glue flow more easily.  I then painted the pot inside and out and, being the usual impatient me, dried it with the hair-dryer.  

I ended up with a slightly shiny very solid pot. The picture is before the glue.  It looked even better after 'glazing'.

Finally I mixed some green acrylic paint into the bit of water/glue mix that I had left and painted over the outside of the pot and just inside the rim.  This gave me a cheap rough glazed plant pot that Ellen uses to keep her eggs in.  

I love instant gratification - the pot I wanted  pretty much for free and with no having to hunt around for it.

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