Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Last plant (for now!)

This is the last plant for a while.  It is about five inches tall and is for the salon.  

The metallic looking pot is made of leftover 'anaglypta' paper that I used in the stairwell.  I made two hexagons for the base and then made a one inch wide strip, marked into six sides, with tabs for gluing along the bottom edge and a small piece to fold over on the top edge to get rid of the cut paper look.  I then creased and folded it, stuck the tabs on top of one of the hexagons, taking care to make sure everything was neatly edge to edge.  I then glued the second hexagon inside at the bottom of the pot to cover the tabs.

I painted it with green paint and then gold acrylic paint while it was still wet so I could get an aged looking copper pot.  I didn't want it to be bright gold.  I think it is OK but maybe it needs some more leaves added?  As I said I will be leaving it for a while and, somewhere further down the line if I don't buy better ones, I will look at all these plants again and see if I can improve on them or just make them again with more precision.

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