Monday, 15 October 2012

Bit of a catch up

I am pleased with a little working hat-box I made and will make some more like it when I get a chance.  I will use cord rather than ribbon though next time.  You may be wondering what a working hat box might be?

Proper (travelling) hat boxes have a cord threaded through them so that you can lift the lid to put in and take out your hat but then when you've replaced the lid you pull the cord and it ties down the lid and gives you a handle to carry it with.  Only hat boxes used for storage (often leather) didn't have this.

Box open waiting for hat - and tissue paper!!

Lid replaced and waiting for a gentle tug on the handle.

Et voila!  One hat box ready to carry away.

Just in case you think it isn't a 1/12th - here it is with a full size hat box of mine.

I will post some more tomorrow.  There's other bits and bobs to share but it late and time for a cuppa.

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