Tuesday, 16 October 2012

EBay finds

I thought I would share some of my latest EBay snares with you.  I don't always remember to photograph them or share them.

The first one here shows an unfinished pedestal.  When I have buffed it up it will be used for display, like this, at the foot of the stairs (maybe?).  I actually bought it for one of my plants but the plant is a bit too large and top-heavy to look right on it.  I could make a smaller plant.  Two thoughts on it being at the foot of the stairs - it is seen as soon as you walk into the shop which is good, but it would be a pain for Ellen to have to move it any time she wanted to go upstairs.  It would be silly for her to have to go outside and round to the back to get up there.  The back entrance into the kitchen is really for Daisy and Tradesmen. 

I am pleased with the three dishes for 99p.  I needed an oval dish for the dresser shelf.  I have a paper one in place at the moment waiting for a replacement, so one of these will do nicely and the other two will find a home in this or another project.

The two bags of findings were a single purchase.  I think I am a magpie and just got caught by shiny things because I have no idea what to do with them... but they were a bargain!

My method with EBay is to lob my bid on many 99p starting prices of things I could use.  Sometimes, if there is no other interest, I get lucky.  Then there are occasions when I see something a bit more unusual that I want.  I work out my maximum bid and enter that and then never go back to it.  I either get a - sorry you were outbid note or occasionally it becomes mine.  My general rule is that the object and its postage shouldn't cost me any more than it would to buy from a show/shop.  This doesn't always work as a guide in the case of one-off pieces and I suppose in all honesty the only true guide then is how much I want it and am prepared to pay for it - an auctioneer's dream.

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