Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shopping in Nancy's rummage boxes, Naples, Florida

Apologies for the dreadful photo quality.  I thought I'd try and be clever and use my i-Pad instead of faffing around with the camera and then downloading etc etc etc.

 Any way, if you can make them out, there is a Reutter plant ($5) in a very nice  Victorian ceramic pot.  When I've repainted the terrible leaves it will be just dandy.  The little tray on the right is my first plastic item.  I succumbed because (a) it was $2 and (b) you get a nice thin finish in plastic - again I think a paint job on this will make it do very well.  I haven't seen a tray I like at any price as they would all be far too chunky scaled up into real life.  The little cup and saucer is nicer than it appears here.  Again a $2 bargain for something which is fine scale and sits nicely.  As I can't afford the lovely Stokesey ware which is the standard for 'dishes' I am having to keep my eyes open for anything which I can live with.  I am a bit cross as I didn't think to see if there were any more in the rummage box (lesson learned).  The odd-shaped object on the left had to be got because when would I ever see anther one.  No idea what it is called but it is a little stand to display a trio, or whatever a collection of four pieces of china is called.  There's a foot at the front to take the cup and then a support for the saucer, tea plate and dinner plate.  You see them in real life but I've never seen one in miniature.  Again - what a twerp - I'd like a couple more.  

These little treasures came from the most wonderful Doll's House Shop here in Naples.  Incredibly, of all the places we could have lived, we live about a mile from it.  Nancy, the owner, has terrific taste and sells some lovely pieces but she also has moderately priced items which are really nice and a fantastic amount of stuff so there is always something to treat yourself too when you go in.  She is also very nice about my mooching around for ages and only spending pennies.  I intend to treat myself to a couple of good pieces this trip but I need to try and pace myself - if I spend all my 'pocket money' in one go I'll have nothing to look forward to.

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