Thursday, 20 October 2011

One (re)made and a zillion to go

I had a go at repainting the paraffin heater I bought.  It had been badly painted in acrylic which was rubbing off at the slightest touch.  I scrubbed off most of the paint, highlighted the areas I wanted unfinished and went over the black paint.  Not exactly a work of art but it looks a bit better.

This is another EBay purchase.  It is a couple of pieces of the House of Miniatures stuff.  I only wanted the tilt-top table but when I searched around for it this was the best deal, even though it came with another piece - a lowboy.  There's nothing lost by this as I can build the lowboy first before I tackle my own stuff. 

 If I manage to succeed with the (I think I counted) 49 pieces of wood and 11 pieces of hardware and then the finishing of the piece, I am sure I can do anything.  It isn't just a case of gluing them together and then painting it brown.  Every piece has to be sanded a couple of times before starting.  The edges of the legs and the top piece have to be rounded off very carefully.  Gluing the joints and keeping the stuff square will be a challenge in this scale and the finishing is time consuming and complex and requires patience.  What do I lack?

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