Friday, 21 October 2011

More goodies

 I did go back to Nancy's. I  bought four pieces of wall and floor paper at a dollar each to make a sort of room box to take photos in when I sell stuff on E-Bay.  I had a piece of foam board at home that I did jigsaws on.  The finished object says a lot about my building skills. I stuck the paper on without a thought and realised afterwards it should have been cut down a couple of inches.  I now have a dado border running around the walls at something like five feet from the floor.  I feel another Nancy trip coming on, followed by some redecorating before applying the skirting board.
My trip back was also to see if I could find another cup and saucer and another dish display stand - success on the latter as you can see.  I also found a sweet little plate. Ellen will have mismatched antique bits and pieces of porcelain on display in her parlour that she has collected.  Her every day stuff will be a set of dishes from that period; if I ever find any I like at a price I can afford.  I found a plastic coffee pot that I want to try to paint; better still I am looking at miniature decals on various sites that are interesting me.  The tool is the totally indispensable light bulb changer.

These little gems were from a dollar shop.  Can you see all the future vases, jars, perfume bottles and stuff that I can see in there?  Both my houses will be stuffed full of useless things as soon as I've got the glue out.
This is the risky buy from EBay.  As you can probably see it is a House of Miniatures finishing kit.  I've bought several of their pieces and had read somewhere they made a great kit to go with the build.  this is the only one I could find absolutely any where.  My husband, quite rightly suggested as they are all various chemicals they might be absolutely useless after twenty or thirty years hanging around waiting to be used.  He also suggested I might just like to keep them as a museum piece.   I know, but you've just got try, haven't you?

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