Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Re-instated photos.

Re-instated....   Please make it be true.....

For the second time I apologise profusely for screwing up the photos and making them disappear from my Blogs by re-jigging them in albums.

I have been sufficiently punished during the last couple of days as I have been laboriously replacing the ones that went missing here in Bentleys.  This post is the hundredth one for this project so you can imagine how many squares filled with exclamation marks had to be removed and how many photos I had to scan through to find the appropriate one to fill the various spaces.  I am feeling a little frayed round the edges.

I promise to check Chocolat and Starfish Cottage tomorrow.... I just can't face them today.

I am sorry but I won't be sorting out Wentworth Court.  It has left me now and I don't feel quite so possessive of it.  If you look at that one and wish it had photos, it does but they are all in web albums.  There is a link to web albums on every Blog where you can see more photos than I can put in a single post.

A final appeal to your kindness, if you see any missing (or wrong!) photos when wandering through my stuff please let me know so I can correct it.  Happy wanderings.

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