Sunday, 6 January 2013

Goodies by default

If you read my other blogs you will know that I have had to give up on the Hillside project.  This means I have quite a few things which have been bought very particularly for Little Women - such as five little women.  If you want to see the latest stuff, they are in the Minis - All Projects album.  Link is in the right hand column.  There are a couple of things I am certain will find a home in Bentleys (maybe more when I get back and think about it).

Firstly there is the beautiful little throw and dressing table which I have already shown you in Hillside and then there is this exquisite trunk.

The little soft metal tag threaded through the trunk handle shows a price of fifty dollars, which isn't surprising as it is so beautifully made.  The hasps and lock and corners are perfectly in scale.  The decorations are just beautiful and the inside is lined with a removable tray.  Even the tiny hinges have been set in correctly.  I loved it when I saw it and it was described as being a chest by K. Hecrradel, which I googled but didn't find any information on.  The opening price was five dollars.  I placed my bid and won at the starting price, so with another five for postage I had snagged a beauty for just ten dollars.  I wish the person who sold it could take some comfort thinking that it has gone on to someone who loves it so much and will treasure it.


  1. Hi Em, chin up, you're being very brave and sensible to slide out of Hillside's embrace before things go any further but since the dreaming and the planning is such a vital part of the mini business, you must have done such a lot of that already - commiserations!

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  3. Indeedy! Would you believe the best part of a notebook full of measurements, sketches, ideas, etc etc etc; not to mention hours of thinking! Even knowing it is the right thing to to do, I still SO want to do it. It fitted Little Women perfectly and I knew just where I was going with it. Hey Ho! Teach me to be a twerp and think things through before I leap.... Like that's ever going to happen. Welcome to my small, but select, group of followers. I hope there is stuff here to help or amuse or inspire.

    1. S'pose you couldn't put together a room box for the March girls to inhabit meantime?

  4. Good thinking Batman. I honestly hadn't considered that.... not sure it is for me though.... no idea why, maybe I am just greedy and once I have an idea I want to do it ALL. The idea which is festering now is that I may buy a new flat pack farmhouse when I leave here to ship back to the UK as my 2015 (!) project and do Anne of Green Gables. Nothing like planning ahead.