Saturday, 3 November 2012


Would you believe this is me in my Florida clothes?
Hiatus as in pause not as in hernia;  though right now it feels like the latter.

I am now ensconced in Florida for the winter, with the exception of a small break back in the UK for Christmas.  I have been parted from Bentleys; it really was too large for the suitcase.  I have brought some small paper and Fimo projects to have a go at some time over here, but right now (day two) I can't imagine ever getting round to them.  It is strange being removed from my desk and stuff and, of course, Bentleys itself.  I will do my best to escape the lack-of-a-doll- house doldrums soon and have a go at something so that I can keep in touch via the this Blog.

Basically this post is to say that posts may be a bit thin on the ground for the next few months but I will do my very best to find things to share to keep us ticking over until I can return to the mini fray next April. So, please stick with me, I will be back.

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