Monday, 16 July 2012


This refers to a break in production not a hernia.  Mind you I probably wouldn't notice a 1/12th hernia.

This is my view of Bentleys now and for the  next few (hopefully) days.  With help from Mr Muscles we turned it round so I could attack the electrics.  I have four things which can plug straight in and five which need extending so they can be plugged in.  

I have sent for some heat shrink tubing to cover the joins.  I hope that is the least 'lumpy' way of doing it.  I realised that the two on the top of the house might create a problem as their wires will be under whatever surface I put on the roof and might not lie down flat enough if they were wrapped in normal insulating tape.  I won't blather on about it now as I am still awaiting its arrival.  I'll show you how it works out (having never used it and not having a clue!) when I do it.

I have now formally declared the only thing I hate in doll housing and would pay to have done if I were possible, is taking off and putting on the rotten little plugs.  I can honestly say it is the only time that I lose the plot and have mini tantrums.  They make me so cross and frustrate me at every turn.  In a way it is even more annoying that my husband, who has banana fingers when it comes to delicate stuff, can do these without a problem.  Admittedly there is a strength issue involved in shoving the pins in and sometimes getting them out so that may be a major part of it.  I have resorted to using a hammer to thwack the pins in place when I can actually locate them sufficiently well in their stupid little holes which are already full of wire.  Aaaaarrrgggh!  See, I am getting cross just typing it.  Four down and five to go.

I also added this to the top left corner at the back - don't really know why as the house is for me and I know it is set in October 1911.  I think I was just having a Lettraset attack.  I know I said before that it is dreadful stuff these days and sticks where you don't want it to and doesn't where you do.  It is such a pain it bears repeating.

An issue with Bentleys turning its back on me is that I can't do a couple of other little jobs, like touching up the ends of recently added skirting boards.  Fortunately I am also waiting for wood to make the raised floors in the shop windows and the lead for the dormer roofs, so the bigger jobs at the front can't be done yet either.  It is all on order so give me a week or so and hopefully the shop will be ready to move into.  Now, doesn't that sound just like a builder!

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