Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dolls House Fair, Mecure Hotel Bolton, 22nd July

This is the first fair I have found that is any where near where I live so it was a joy to just do a half hour journey to the next town for a 'bit of a shop'.  It was organised by the Brentwood Fair folk so was OK.  Not massive but enough to go at and a lot of very nicely made stuff at a range of price levels.

I didn't buy a huge amount but what I did buy are things I really wanted.

I have wittered on about using a glue gun in few posts a while ago and I spotted this fine nozzle one for just a fiver.  It seemed to be destiny!

I suppose this isn't strictly a Bentleys purchase; it is just a general tool for everything.  Now which blog does that go in?

You can read about the other stuff in this photo in Chocolat as it has been bought for that.  That blog will also explain project four ready for 2014!!!  This already has is own Blog and link in the right hand column here - Starfish Cottage.  I wonder of this obsession is now spinning out of control or am I just useless at saying no to something I want? 

This photo shows the things I got for Bentleys.

I bought the seat because it was only £1.95 and it might remake into something I want.  It looks a tad oversized for the figures but when it is cream and looking daintier it might sit OK in the shop as it it a large space.  The broom, knitting, kettle and desk items all came in at a fiver from someone's rummage basket.  I am very happy with the broom as they are usually clunky or expensive.  The knitting is lovely but needs the pins swapping to ones with beaded heads (which I have).  The desk items are very sweet and in good scale.  I will only use the blotter and the stamp and ink pad as we are a long way on from quill pens in 1911.  Happily with another couple of feathers stuck in the 'inkwell', it will be great for a display in the hat shop.  The little box of ribbons was only £1.20: there was no way I could even make it for that.  So I had an all round happy morning.

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