Friday, 8 June 2012

Thrilled to bits

I am so thrilled with these two (well four actually) rugs I had to share them with you.

When I did Wentworth I had a nightmare trying to find suitable rugs.  They needed to be the right period, go with the rest of the décor, look realistic and not cost an arm and a leg.  This was a pretty tall order and I wasted a good deal of money buying ones I hated and then had to to try sell on; and we all know how that works out!  I even bought one which was quite pricey and I chose to send it back.  The seller was fine about it but it cost me two lots of postage and no result.

The only rugs I ever bought and liked were from a seller on E-Bay.  They are in the bathroom of the Wentworth.  I remembered her when I started to think about the rugs for this project.  I had bought a Brodnax (sp?) one for the Salon which I am lukewarm about.  The fabric is OK but the print is dark and vague.  I started to hunt up other Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, William Morris rugs with no success.  As usual if I found one it didn't fit  the criteria I mentioned earlier.  As I said none of them compared favourably to the two little bathroom ones I'd had from Sylvia-Rose (EBay name).  I sent her a message to say if I found decent images could she print a couple for me to size.  Instantly she replied it would be fine and a seven by nine inch would cost £6.99.  How brilliant is that.  I banged off six photos and said which two I would like.  Within two days they were here and they are lovely.  As always my photographs do not do them full justice.  The colours are so much better in reality.  The fabric is a felty stuff but has a very fine surface finish - just enough fuzz to give it a good rug texture.  They are a perfect thickness and have a sort of weight about them in situ.  They sit properly on the floor - looking just right.  Further down the line when I have money and time to be 'collecting' things rather than 'doing' the project I will be back to her for more lovely rugs made to order.  

You can find her on EBay through Sylvia-Rose rugs and she can be contacted via  She also does wall-hangings and cushions.

[Incidentally the small rugs are no-charge bonus rugs which she sent me because 'there was room left on the fabric']

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