Sunday, 24 June 2012

Happy bunny

I am one happy bunny today; I have finished one of the 'doors'.

In summary:  

On the outside:  I'm not thrilled with the quoins.  I love the bricks and the pavement.  The shop sign is OK, but it's a bit pubby. The rest of exterior trim is OK.  I'm not fond of this manufacturer's plastic window frames and the lack of trim inside and out; although, on this occasion they don't really need any outside trim and after painting the window frames they look OK.  After more negatives than positives I am still really pleased with how it has turned out.

 On the inside:  I am glad I made a window frame for the shop windows. The windows would have needed mullions to support the weight of the plate glass; indeed they were often made of iron.  It looked very dolls-housey without it.  I will also add a 'shelf' at the height of the sill to raise the window displays off the floor as they would have been in 1911. Ellen will have taken the backboards down from behind the display but there would have been a curtain to afford some privacy for the customers inside the shop.  I am pretty sure I am going to attempt to add the wood trims such as the skirting and cornice to finish it off more.   I think the upstairs windows will look OK pretty much as they are.  If I add a window sill at the bottom of each window the drapes will cover the top and the sides and they should look OK.

Just for the record this is the last brick about to go in place.  I am still undecided whether I loved or loathed doing the brickwork but I really am pleased with the finish and I will certainly use the Richard Stacey versi-products on any future builds.

The build from flat-pack to here is recorded in pictures in my web album if you've only just found this blog.

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