Saturday, 31 March 2012

Welcome to Susana

If you follow my other dolls house Blog (Wentworth Court) you will know that I have already thanked Susana for 'enrolling' but, I am happy to do so again here as it is a different place.

Thank you Susana.  Even though I write my Blogs primarily for myself and for my pleasure in being able to go back to them to remember things I did or thought, it would be untrue to say that is the only reason I write them.  If that were the case I would be keeping journals and wouldn't be broadcasting them.  I get an element of added pleasure when I write anything if I know someone else is reading and enjoying it too.  The strangeness of today's electronic chatter is that you send it out on the ether to (potentially) more or less everyone.  [On reflection, whilst writing that, I suppose the end result is the same as having something published in good old fashioned paper and print]  This pleasure is again increased when the reader also has a name and face.  So many thanks to Susana for being a follower.  I hope I can keep finding enough to say to bring you back.

I have four Blogs on the go, so sometimes some are thin while one is fat depending on what is demanding my attention.  Right now, having got back yesterday from our six month stint in America, I am writing lists and lists of things I want to get done and scaring myself by the amount I want to cover in our six months here.  It also seems that everything demands my attention at once.  The garden (Blog 1) is screaming for weeding and and planting. The Wentworth (Blog 2) needs work as I shall be writing about it for Dolls House and Miniatures magazine and I am just itching to crack on with my latest love - Le Tout Paris (Blog 3).  In my ordinary life (Blog 4) I have projects I want to do on the real house and friends and family to catch up with.  So, if you don't find me here I will be in one of my other rambling spots.

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