Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bonjour Lyddington

Just to keep you posted (a pun!) - I think I am abandoning the Honeychurch which is the very thing which started me off on Le Tout Paris and I will be buying a Lyddington shop.  

The reasoning behind this is that I have to practically remake the Honeychurch before I can do what I want to do with it.  This means a lot of hard work, which I'd rather avoid.  Also it is too small to accommodate all the ideas and wishes I've got and it would lend itself to something which would suit it better.  (yes, I have a cunning plan....)

So I intend to order it tomorrow from here so I can get my sticky paws on it as soon as I get home.  

At some time I will EBay the Honeychurch but, for once, I intend to get back what I paid for it - i.e. 
£75.  It also cost petrol from North to South and a hotel stay and a £10 table from the Midlands on the way down, so I have a husband who is slightly miffed with my new 'good idea'.  If I can't sell it I will just keep it in case I have an urge to do a third (!) project.  This is already forming up nicely into watching 'Chocolat' a few times and replicating that as nearly as I can.  It might have to become Chocolate and be set in the UK as the building isn't very French looking(?) but I like the idea of a tiny cramped place and a fifties setting.

So, six more days here and I will be home.  All I have to do before I start on my houses is find, buy, build, paint some sort of large garden store/shed.  Move all the garden stuff in the Summerhouse to that.  Clean and repaint the summer house inside and out; then fit the whole place with desk/table, shelves storage etc etc etc; solve the problem of lighting/heating and away I go.

Watch this space

(I will also be writing all summer - see Wentworth Court Blog)

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