Thursday, 3 October 2013

My final Bentleys Post

Bentleys sold last week to a lovely lady who I know will cherish it and use it well.  Local too which meant she was able to pick it up within an hour or so of the bids on EBay finishing.  That was really good.  She would have liked it as it stood, complete with fixtures and fittings but sadly I had already sold some of them.  She did take a lot of what I had left though and has been back since for some more, so I hope she has a good start on her 'new' shop.

This blog will remain up for her and anyone else to visit but won't be added to by me.  Goodbye to (my) Bentleys and Ellen, Daisy and the others, just as in real life the shop has gone on to new owners and I wish them all well.

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