Friday, 28 June 2013

Farewell to Bentleys

I have just made a new album for Bentleys called Finished Project.

Have a look if you want to see how the rooms turned out.  There are a few things still needed such as blinds and drapes (!) which are a pretty big omission and then fiddly things like the odd painting or mirror.  Also I never did do the left hand window dressing - mea culpa.

It is no use trying to convince myself I will return to it and finish it off.  Once I have moved on to the next thing (currently Chocolat) the previous project is defunct for me.  Bentleys will actually be sold next summer to make way for the 2015 project - Starfish Cottage.  My RL house only has room for two houses at a time and Chocolat will have moved into Bentleys place when Starfish Cottage is wheeled in.  It happened this way with Wentworth Court and I find I am content to let them go.

It has been a process of discovering that I really love making an idea concrete and then I have no interest in continuing to collect things for it or 'playing' with the building.  I build a frozen moment in time and when that's pretty much there I seem to be done with it.  So, Bentleys will probably be partially stripped of its contents even before I leave this year as I can see one or two things that will move on to Chocolat.  Stupid buying two of something? 

It was the second dolls house I have done and I loved it all.  The research was fascinating and I discovered so many things I would have thought I couldn't do along the way.  No farewell is easy but many of them have to be done whether we like it or not.


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous, Em! (Even without drapes, LOL)! I don't have much room in my RL house for more than one dollhouse, so I've also been dealing with this issue, too.


  2. Don't rub it in.... I know how dilatory I am :) Thank you for being nice about such a meagre effort compared to yours. 'Dealing with this issue'... are you planning a second project?