Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The front of the shop is born

This is today's work.  I have pretty much assembled the main part of the front of the shop.  I have also undercoated the inside and outside of the bay windows.  I haven't added any of the trims for now as some of them are a bit teeny fiddly and need painting before I glue them in place. Even these few pieces would have been much easier and much faster to paint before assembling.  I really should LEARN to listen to myself and not try to dash on with stuff just because I can't wait to see it coming together.  I talked myself into painting the bays after the build because it was a simple structure and would be easy.  It is until you come to do it.  Hey ho, you can only work with who you are.  For everyone else just remember every time you are about to glue one piece of anything to another piece of something just stop and think if painting/papering first would make it much easier and neater later.

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