Wednesday, 21 September 2011

More bits and bobs

I bought this trio for a few pennies from EBay for the mirror which is very nice and exactly what I want for the shop.  It is better than it looks in this photo!  The evil-eyed cat has grown on me so I might find him a corner somewhere.  The plants will go to the charity stall at Miniatura.

The photo on the right is an order from Valerie Claire Miniatures.  This is a site to be recommended for all kinds of slightly unusual stuff at a good price.

Left and right of a card displaying some French belt buckles are a couple of adverts; one for hats and one for shoes. They are on clear acetate so they will go on a couple of windows somewhere.  I actually began with ordering/wanting the little shop opening hours sign, which is also on acetate, to go on the 'glass' in my shop door and then I went on a trawl and was tempted by many things.  I settled on these few things for now.  The little card on the far right is a colour chart card for silk threads for the workroom/fitting room, along with a perfectly scaled yardstick and tape measure.  I also bought a couple of cards with tiny printed cards on them to cut out and wind silk ribbon round.  This sounds easy until you see the size involved....   I'll let you know how that little exercise goes.  The 'brass' hands will probably be used to display gloves and the two fan shapes were originally bought to go on the outside of the shop as a trim which could be painted in with the rest of the woodwork to look like a carved relief/decoration.  Not sure about that idea now... we'll see.  The two little corset posters were sent as a free thank you for the order and might well be useful upstairs.

I'll be back here as soon as I can after Miniatura to show you anything I got from there but it might not be straight away as we leave for the winter a couple of days after the show and there will be a lot of domestic chores getting in the way of my 'playing'.

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